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    Supporters of the GCIC Inter-sector Windball Cricket Competition came out yesterday despite the weather to witness three exciting matches.

    The results are as follows:

    *Airport vs Office Pros Planning*

    Airport, who batted first made 124 runs in 11 overs and lost 8 wickets
    *Highest Scores:* 
    Leslie Allard 59 runs
    Arnold Fraser 18 runs
    Gilbert Barry 13 runs

    *Best Bowling:*
    Arnold Fraser: 3 overs, 18 runs and took 2 wickets
    Saga Peters: 3 overs, 26 runs and took 2 wickets


    The men of Office Pros Planning team in turn won the match with 125 runs in 9 overs and lost 4 wickets.
    *Highest Scores:*
    Kenty Williams 34 runs
    Areo Lewis Cristiano 25 runs
    Elwin Horsford 23 runs

    *Best Bowling:*
    Alleyne Peters: 1 over, 1 run and took 2 wickets
    Kenty Williams: 3 overs, 21 runs and took 3 wickets
    Paul Mark: 1 over, 6 runs and took 1 wicket


    *Huggins Pacers vs Clarkes Court Champions*

    The returning team Clarkes Court Champions made 77 runs in 11.4 overs and lost 10 wickets
    *Highest Scores:*
    Ronnie Joseph 40 runs
    Ledon Louison 6 runs
    Nicholas Bain 3 runs

    *Best Bowling:*
    Nicholas Bain: 3 overs, 24 runs and took 3 wickets


    Huggins Pacers defeated Clarkes Court in 5.4 overs with 79 runs for 3 wickets.

    *Highest Scores:*
    Kevin Francis 46 runs
    Junior Cyrus 16 runs
    Adrian Fletcher 4 runs

    *Best Bowling*
    Gary Mitchell: 3 overs, 9 runs and took 5 wickets
    Josh Hazzard: 3 overs, 14 runs and took 3 wickets
    Javon Paul: 1 over, 1 runs and took 1 wicket


    *GUT vs SGU*

    The defending Champions, GUT defeated SGU

    The Morne Rouge Playing Field was decorated yesterday with a colorful March Pass to kick start the 23rd Annual GCIC Inter-sector Windball Cricket Competition.

    Coyaba Blazers took the March Pass title yet again with their creativity and their display, followed by Dodgy Blazers "The Lollipops", who came all out this year with their cheerleaders and little mascot. Also in the line up was Glenelg, who placed third. They too ensured their display was on point.

    All teams are to be commended for their participation and displays.


    Today's matches are as follows:
    SGU vs Teachers (defending champions)
    Clarkes Court Champions vs Huggins Pacers
    Airport vs Office Pros Planning


    ProDominicana is pleased to invite you to the exhibition Hub Cámara Santo Domingo 2018, the biggest trade fair in the Caribbean which merges exhibitions, business meetings, product launches, workshops and presentations.

    The third edition of the B2B expo, is the best place to do business in the Dominican Republic and connect with over 150 companies from the country's leading commercial and productive sectors.

    Refer to this link: https://goo.gl/Xwgnhg to find all relevant information about the exhibition and the benefits for international buyers; do notice that to participate it’s necessary to fill out this form: https://goo.gl/KBuzQC. Take into consideration the deadline to receive applications is February 9, 2018.

    The benefits for international buyers are:

    ·  2 nights hotel accomodation

    ·  Airport-hotel transfers

    ·  Hotel-fair trade transfers (only for officially selected hotels)

    ·  Transportation from and to the airport on dates March 5th through 9th

    ·  Transportation from and to the event on dates March 6th and 7th (to be confirmed)

    ·  Online networking tools to facilitate business meetings

    ·  Invitation to the opening ceremony

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact ProDominicana at their Executives, Carolina Perez +1 829.745.2566 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Emmanuel Guzmán +1 829.745.1623 or Carmen Bonaparte +1 829.679.8237

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