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    2019 Award Categories 

    • Employer of the Year - Sponsored by GRENLEC
    • Excellence in Agro-Processing - Sponsored by GRENLEC
    • Service Excellence - Sponsored by GJonas Browne & Hubbards
    • Innovative Business of the Year - Sponsored by Jonas Browne & Hubbards
    • Manufacturer of the Year - Sponsored by Republic Bank Gda Ltd
    • Environmental Excellence - Sponsored by Republic Bank Gda Ltd
    • Corporate Social Responsibility - Sponsored by by Digicel Grenada Ltd
    • Excellence in the Tourism Industry - Sponsored by GHTA
    • Rising Star - Sponsored by Grenada Distillers Ltd
    • Small Business of the Year - Sponsored by Spice Isle Automotive Inc.
    • The Earl Brathwaite Award for Excellence in Application of Digital Technology - Sponsored by Nicholas Earl Brathwaite
    • People's Choice - Sponsored by FLOW Grenada Ltd
    • Business of the Year - Sponsored by SOL EC LTD.


    2019 Award Winners

    • Employer of the Year - NAWASA
    • Excellence in Agro-Processing - Caribbean Naturals
    • Service Excellence - Grenada Co-operative Bank
    • Innovative Business of the Year - Reneescentsationz
    • Manufacturer of the Year - Grenada Distillers Ltd
    • Environmental Excellence - True Blue Bay Resort
    • Corporate Social Responsibility - Republic Bank Gda Ltd
    • Excellence in the Tourism Industry - Jurnee Grenada
    • Rising Star - Straight A's Assignment Assistance Ltd
    • Small Business of the Year - Center for Development & Certification Training
    • The Earl Brathwaite Award for Excellence in Application of Digital Technology - eLearning Kings
    • People's Choice - Glenelg Spring Water
    • Business of the Year - Bryden & Minors Ltd


    Employer of the Year - NAWASA

    NAWASA continues to focus on Staff development and Training.   In keeping with the Strategic Goal of providing excellent service to all customers, one major accomplishment has been the implementation of  the Customer Care Training for general staff and the establishment of an Human Resource Information System (HRIS) System. Under this initiative a total number of 137 employees received training in various areas. The new HRIS system has allowed the overburdened HR team to invest their time in more strategic tasks resulting in an increase in productivity. 

    Another major accomplishment aimed at providing excellent services to customers has been the review of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the technical departments. Additionally, NAWASA has in place structures to ensure that employees are given opportunities for upward mobility guided by the Employees Performance Management System. During the period under review twelve (12) employees were promoted from within the company.

    However, NAWASA’s biggest accomplishment to date with Staff was the addition of 135 employees on its permanent payroll in May of 2019.  Over the years these 135 employees have been on long term service contracts ranging between 2 to 17 years and finally NAWASA and the Unions (TAWU and PWU) were able, with the support of the Government of Grenada through the Board of Directors, were able to establish these  employees as permanent, have salary increases and as a result generally make their lives better.


    Excellence in Agro-Processing - Caribbean Naturals

    Caribbean Naturals has so far in 2019 introduced no less than six new products. These include, Sticky Sorrel Jam, Smoked Herring Hot Pepper Sauce, Gingered Cocoa Crunch, Picked Seasoning Peppers, and Pickled Okras. All have recently been featured at an annual gastronomy event held in France, where favorable reviews tipped the scales. 

    These gourmet food products are processed and are consciously packaged, with a respect for the environment, leaving out artificial colors, flavorings and preservatives. Caribbean Naturals is always creating new food traditions in order to sustain business growth via profitability, and to support local farmers within a food security consciousness and vibrant agricultural environment.


    Service Excellence - Grenada Co-operative Bank

    The Grenada Co-operative Bank’s long-established Customer Service Charter outlines how customers should be treated whenever they visit to conduct business. In 2019, interviews with customers revealed that 92% of them agreed that the Bank’s facilities were satisfactory. 

    Co-operative Bank holds itself accountable to customers by annually auditing its performance against the promises outlined in the Customer Service Charter, and publicly reports the results.

    In addition to obtaining customers’ feelings about performance of the Charter promises, Co-op Bank also provides several other avenues through which customers can express feedback. . Each quarter, the Bank conducts a Customer Perception survey within its banking halls, and within the past year over the phone as well. Customers are also encouraged to complete feedback cards at the end of each service encounter. Overall, 90% of customers were satisfied with the Bank, and agreed that the staff were friendly and courteous, exhibited good knowledge about products and services, were responsive to their needs, provided efficient service and treated customers with respect.

    In December of each year the Bank hosts a Customer Appreciation Day to thank customers for their patronage over the past year.  Additionally, the Bank’s annual Christmas Loan campaign, under the theme “12 Days of Christmas” seeks to give 12 lucky participants the opportunity to shop for food stuff, hardware or paint that they might desire over the Christmas season.


    Innovative Business of the Year - Reneescentsationz

    Reneescentsationz started in 2015 making scented Candles. By 2019, the Company had expanded its line to include a range of aromatherapy products such as Sugar Scrubs, Bath and Body Oils, Foot Soaks and is the first Grenadian company to start a line of Men's Beard Care products (Beard Oils and Beard Balms). In addition, Reneescentsationz introduced an event to compliment the business called “Candles and Cocktails” as a way to build customer loyalty and appreciation for the art of Candle making.


    Manufacturer of the Year - Grenada Distillers Ltd

    Grenada Distillers Limited has been in operation for eighteen years, with manufacturing based in Grenada. Over the years the old rum distillery was upgraded and expanded more than 35,000 sq ft to include a new Administration Building, Production Department, Agro-Processing Plant and Cask House. 

    It generates 99.9% of its revenue from manufacturing, following strict health and safety procedures for staff and visitors alike. A well- trained staff and recent upgrades with new equipment has resulted in increased efficiency and the  successful manufacture of new products, bringing the range to a total of twenty one including White, Dark, Aged, Flavoured Rums and Liqueurs, many of which have won Double Gold, Gold and Best in Category awards at International Tasting Competitions. In March this year the Company was ISO 2200:2005 certified again meeting food and safety standards for the export of its products. 

    Grenada Distillers Limited continues to play its corporate role supporting many sporting and cultural organisations, NGOs and even educational institutions island-wide, contributing products, airtime and thousands of dollars in funds to assist with promotions and events.


    Environmental Excellence - True Blue Bay Resort

    True Blue Bay Resort is currently recognized as the leader in environmental issues around Grenada and the Caribbean recently winning the Sustainability Champion Award at a ceremony organized by the Ministry of Tourism. The resort has a green team, which organizes environmental clean ups and school visits to educate the younger generation on environmental issues.

    True Blue Bay has a fully equipped small recycle center. The Resort does not use plastic bags, cups, plates or cutlery, and it  recycles as much of its waste as possible, even their food waste is given to a farmer to be used as pig feed. Plastic bottles, glass bottles, cardboard & tetra Pack, are all collected, either for recycling or repurposing. Guests are also involved in supporting their green efforts.


    Future plans involve  import an electric vehicle to replace the bus is used for staff and guest transport, and through the Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association, GHTA,  the purchase of an industrial glass crusher for use by ALL hotels on island. This glass crusher will be operated by Grenada Solid Waste.


    Corporate Social Responsibility - Republic Bank Gda Ltd

    Republic Bank Grenada Ltd. through their contributions in the areas of health, youth, sports and culture makes a huge impact on the lives of the citizens of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.  For the first time ever in Grenada, Republic Bank (Grenada) Ltd, in collaboration with the Trinidad Cancer society and the Ministry of Health, handed over to the Grenada Cancer Society, a Cancer Mobile Screening Clinic, worth $135,000, to assist with early diagnosis, early treatment and the saving of lives. 


    Other donations totaling just under $300,000 were made in the areas of community development, sports and education. These included financial assistance to eleven students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree through the UWI–Open Campus.; the premiere Right START Cup Youth Football Tournament for 22 secondary schools; the National Secondary School Athletics Games, and  the Grenada Cricket Association/Right START Under-19 Inter-parish Cricket Competition; the Grenada Youth Adventurers learn-to -swim programme.; the Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique Foundation for Needy Students and Grenada Community Development Agency; the Annual Carriacou Regatta Festival the Carriacou Maroon Festival; Wesley College; The Catholic Church (Carriacou) ; and  the Royal Grenada Police, and, the Republic Bank Angel Harps Steel Orchestra.


    Excellence in the Tourism Industry - Jurnee Grenada

    Jurnee  Grenada is an unconventional full service lifestyle and travel company registered in Grenada that pairs travelers (personal and business) with a professional travel designer who will plan an entire trip to suit their needs and requirements. The Company also provides a wide array of intermediary services which include Conference organization; Tour operation; Travel planning and handling agent services.  

    In addition, Jurnee Grenada has an event division under which the first and only “Sip & Paint” franchise falls.  Sip & Paint Grenada hosts events two to three times per month, at various locations island wide. These events are uniquely designed to enhance the visitor experience to enable them to experience the warmth and hospitality of the Grenadian people, interact and connect with locals and fellow travelers, sample local wines, rums, enjoy delicious cuisine and create meaningful, memorable artwork as a souvenir. Signature events include – Mommy, Daddy & Me; Project Pet; and Sip, Sail & Paint among others.


    Rising Star - Straight A's Assignment Assistance Ltd

    Straight A’s, established in February of 2018, provides one-on-one tutoring to students of all educational levels from age five upward- primary to tertiary level, who may require remedial assistance.  The company has a pool of over 100 highly qualified and professional part time tutors from all parishes, including Carriacou and Petite Martinique, who have contributed and continue to contribute to the academic development and success of more than 500 students in Grenada.  In an effort to make this supplementary learning easy and accessible, tutoring sessions are held at the homes of their students, island wide. They also involve parents as they are required to supervise all sessions. In addition to tutoring, the company has participated in other outreach activities which aid in the overall development of young people. They also have a rapidly growing social media following with just over 2500 on Facebook.


    Small Business of the Year - Center for Development & Certification Training

    The Centre for Development and Certification Training (CDACT) was established in 2014 and is approved by the Grenada National Training Agency to provide comprehensive academic and vocational certification training programmes for persons who wish to pursue and attain academic advancement. CDACT promotes skilled learning, student leadership and personal development through support of the Grenada National Training Agency (NTA) in providing National and Caribbean Vocational Qualifications (NVQ/CVQs) to its successful participants. Courses offered include Accounting, Business Administration, Building Technology, Hospitality, and Project Management among others. 

    CDACT has provided training of some of its instructors to become certified CBET Instructors under GNTA, in areas such as: online lecturing, customer service, classroom management, and the use of virtual library.

    CDACT was recently awarded a partnership agreement with USC from Jamaica to provide certification programs within Grenada for an initial period of two years. Additionally, during 2019, CDACT was awarded an XCD$190,000 conditional grant from the SKYE project to provide hospitality training to fifty (50) unemployed youth between the age of 18-30.


    The Earl Brathwaite Award for Excellence in Application of Digital Technology - eLearning Kings

    eLearning Kings uses modern digital tools and processes to provide custom interactive eLearning content, products and development services. Using best in class advancements, experienced human resources and a modern approach, the Company delivers cutting edge eLearning solutions for individuals and organizations.  

    elearning Kings offers three main Electronic Learning services, namely, eLearning Content Development, eLearning Development Services and eLearning Products.  For example, they use Virtual Reality to create engaging digital content that simplifies complex topics in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and other academic disciplines. 

    They have also developed and implemented solutions that create personalized, interactive content for those who learn differently. This appropriate digital content is served in an adaptive manner, ultimately helping students achieve mastery in the subject area. Furthermore, elearning kings digitize paper-based content and publish job-role training courses online for government, businesses and training providers.


    People's Choice - Glenelg Spring Water

    GLENELG, voted the People’s choice, as the company the public believed offered the highest level of service over the past year.


    Business of the Year - Bryden & Minors Ltd

    Bryden& Minors has over forty years’ experience in distribution and wholesale, serving Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. In addition to Distribution the Company’s portfolio consists of three other divisions; Stationery, Office furniture and equipment, and Ace Hardware and Napa automotive. Bryden& Minors represents a diverse range of internationally recognized brands from a variety of product segments including Food and Beverage, Liquor, Household, Personal care and Pharmaceuticals.

    The Company continues to grow and evolve with market demands while nurturing long standing relationships with all key stakeholders.  To this end in the past year an approximate investment of EC$ 8Million has been put into expanding the ACE operation at Maurice Bishop Highway.  In addition, the Company has invested in the latest technology and training to better equip staff to deliver a more efficient service experience to their customers.

    As a good corporate citizen, Bryden& Minors continues to give generously to the community through their various sponsorships and donations, such as the annual Christmas hamper distribution to the needy, donations of dog food to the GSPCA, and, under the GCIC Bus shelter Project, the sponsorship of seven Bus Shelters serving various communities throughout Grenada.




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