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    Contact: Chris Mast

    Young Street, P.O. Box 507, St. George's

    (473) 440 0568
    (473) 440 0568

    Fashion and Acessories for Men, Women and Children

    Small Business
    General info

    Our sales staff are described by customers as «very friendly and patient» and comment that they get «wonderful service from very nice people». The Art Fabrik creative team makes fashion and accessories for men, women and children. We have the assistance of up to 45 home workers and local contractors. They all belong to the Art Fabrik crew, earning fair wages. Since our beginning in 1986, we have employed a number of graduates from the School for the Deaf in Grenada and we communicate with each other by lip reading, sign language and mime. They are important members of our production staff. We encourage and support local crafters by combining elements of their craft with elements of batik to produce unique end products. A tempting selection of craft items and jewellery are featured along with our batik in our boutique.

    Travel guides such as Lonely PlanetConde NastFodor's and National Geographic list Art Fabrik as a «must see» St. George's destination. In a section of our boutique you can see the batik being made and learn about the process. Satisfied customers often send an e-mail after returning home to order more of our products.


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