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    As Grenada’s oldest, largest and most influential business association, the Grenada Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GCIC) is the primary and vital connection between business and government. It continually demonstrates impact on public policy and decision-making to the benefit of businesses, communities and families across the Tri-Island State of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique.
    The GCIC is an interconnected group of businesses and professionals working together to increase local commerce and serve their communities more effectively than can be done individually.
    Chambers across the world have evolved from simply the protection and promotion of commerce to many of the things we have presented on this website. The primary function of protecting commerce remains the same, but it is interesting to follow the changes and adaptations of the Chamber functions through the years as chambers have adjusted to the changing needs of society. Today the role of Chambers of Commerce has expanded to address socio-economic concerns and social needs, going far beyond its original intent several centuries ago.
    The prosperity of individual businesses depends on the development of the community. The success of individual businesses serves to increase the prosperity of the community and the resulting prosperity bounces back to the benefit of the local business owner.
    The primary purpose of the GCIC is to promote trade and investment, an open market for goods and services and encourage the free flow of capital.
    The GCIC is not a governmental body or institution, and has no direct role in the writing and passage of laws and regulations that affect businesses. It does however, act as a lobby in an attempt to get laws passed that are favorable to businesses.
    Chief Private Sector Advocate
    The Chamber is the chief advocate of the Private Sector. As the oldest and largest Private Sector organization in Grenada. The Chamber has consistently defended the rights of the business community. Businesses often encounter problems in their dealings with government bodies and other authorities. Some of these problems are serious enough to threaten the very survival of the businesses. The Chamber has been able to successfully intervene with institutions such as the Inland Revenue Division, the Customs & Excise Division and other institutions on behalf of its membership. Such interventions have been made both on behalf of individual members as well as groups of members. Advocacy is also conducted through the large network of GCIC representatives who represent Private Sector interests on Boards and other Statutory Bodies, and at the regular meetings between the GCIC Board and the Minister of Finance.
    Working Together With the Rest of the Private Sector
    To achieve greater critical mass and be more effective the Chamber works in concert with other Private Sector organizations like the Grenada Employers’ Federation (GEF) the Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association (GHTA) and  The Marine & Yachting Association of Grenada (MAYAG). Together, these four bodies constitute the Grenada Private Sector Organization (GPSO). The GPSO is playing a decisive role in ensuring that the current review of the Labour Code gives due consideration to the rights of employers. The GPSO also proved to be effective in generating Private Sector compliance with the initiative to mobilize money to support Airlift into Grenada and assist the Tourist Industry.
    Special Publications
    As the premier advocate of Private Sector's interest, the Chamber brings its influence to bear on the National Policy Agenda through special papers on the Economy, like the Private Sector Perspective on the Economy, published after September 11th 2001. 
    Raising Private Sector Capabilities
    The Chamber has been playing a dynamic role in raising the capabilities of the Private Sector and putting Human Resource Development on the National Agenda. The GCIC membership enjoys access to high quality training at discounted rates. This training included areas such as Corporate Strategic Planning, Financial Management, Electronic Commerce, Customer Relations and Productivity, among others.
    A Vital Business Link
    The GCIC is a vital Business Information Link. The Chamber enjoys membership in a vast network of Regional and International institutions which have their fingers on the pulse of the International Trading and Industrial environment. The Chamber has upgraded its capabilities to relay information from these bodies, especially through electronic means. Efforts are currently being made to electronically circulate the Chamber’s newsletter, LINK-UP. In cases where trading or other relevant issues are sufficiently critical. Special General Meetings of the Chamber are convened to provide GCIC members with the opportunity to put questions to experts or to air their views.
    Clearing House For Businesses
    In addition, the Chamber acts as a clearing house for businesses all over the world which are seeking information about the establishing of Agencies locally or in some instances establishing contact with Potential Business Partners and investors. The Chamber also sources information for its members about products and markets.
    In recent times the Chamber has played a growing role in making representation on behalf of its members in trade disputes involving foreign parties.
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